AnkaMEP; is an engineering company that provides design and consultancy services in the fields of building technology; mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering (MEP).

The company undertakes the design responsibility for “MEP Services” in one hand which directly affect important concepts for today’s building technology such as sustainability, efficiency and energy economy, under its own organization.

Engineering Ethics

As an independent design and consultancy office, our priority is to base engineering principles and engineering ethics. As a requirement of this principle, each of our employees acts with a purely engineering understanding. Based on current standards and literature for each discipline, our design criteria are based on experienced scientific data.


Along with our engineering and design studies, the ability to be permanent for our social relations is our goal.

Engineering Economics

All our design approaches; It is based on principles that will ensure energy efficiency and optimum payback periods by using the technological data of our age.

Correct Working Buildings

The main goal of our design work is to obtain a building that works correctly. This concept, especially life safety; It covers the basic criteria of health, comfort-based high quality of life, correct engineering design and engineering economy. The basic success philosophy of our company is to obtain buildings that work correctly.


Projects focused on sustainability, efficiency and energy economy